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Fruit Machine Vs Slot Machine

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Fruit Machine Vs Slot Machine

Fruit Machine Vs Slot Machine

A fruit machine is always a fun game to play for any beginner. It does not demand a lot of money and it gives players a lot of fun. That is why people start off playing slot machines by trying fruit machines.

Fruit machines are basically slot machines but not all slot machines can be categorized as fruit machines. In today’s article, we will explain to you what are the differences between these two machines. Then you can really enjoy both and see which one of these two you might like the most! So stay tuned and make sure that you have to get seated for this article.

The main differences between online slots are in the theme, number of reels and pay lines, and in the method of payment. Some of the slots have a classic feel with traditional symbols such as bells and fruit, hence the name everyday fruit machines in the world. People eventually want to try and learn to play fruit machines. But we will explain this better in our next part.

What are Fruit Machine Slots?

Fruit machine slots are one-of-a-kind slot machines that have become a very booming trend in the past 5 years. People are often very overwhelmed with things such as animations as well as a lot of music. This can be very hard to understand. Because one typical thing about other kinds of slot machines is that they are loud and will give you a lot of unique animations.

On the other hand, fruit machine slots are a game that tries to do its best to avoid that thing. In other words, fruit machine slots are very basic and simplistic. Any old player would love to try this game out because of its simplicity that you cannot achieve in other kinds of online slot games.

Themes of Online Fruit Machine Slots

As you might have guessed already, the online theme of this game is basically fruits. There is nothing more basic than fruits as the main symbols. Things such as animations might appear once in a while depending on the people that launched the slot machines.

Usually, slot machines that are based on fruit machines are designed to be simple. Hence people can easily understand and follow the patterns easily. No players will get lost when they play fruit machine slots. Due to its simplicity, everyone can try it.

Fruit machine slots only have a multiplier bonus. There is no such thing as compounding jackpots or winning. You would not see a lot of side missions or quests when playing fruit machine slots. Fruit machine slots would only often pay you in terms of a multiplier.

Get a nice symbol combo and you shall receive around 10 times and jackpots would hit up to 100 times at most. It would not hit above that and it does not have a high win rate at the end of the day.

RTP of Fruit Machines

Fruit machines have a low RTP and it is not really known as a good money maker. If your main goal in playing online slots is to make money, then we suggest you actually try other types of slots. Online slots that are progressive jackpot types would have a higher probability of hitting jackpots. If you want to play fruit machines, just make sure that you do not get your hopes up.

How to win Fruit Machines and Regular Slots

After choosing a theme you like the next thing to do is the number of reels and pay lines. Online casino slots are very different in this respect, with your options ranging from old 3-reel classics to 25-reel epics. And there’s more than one pay line, with many of them crisscrossing the screen in a straight, diagonal, and zigzagging line.

Sometimes it’s nice to have more than one way to win and some sites that have slot machines with as many lines as you can imagine! These are the main things to watch out for when choosing your slot. The two main differences are between a fixed payout and a progressive jackpot.

As the name suggests, a fixed payout slot offers a certain amount of money to win, whereas a progressive jackpot will keep adding a bit of each bet to the jackpot until it is won. While every online casino operator may have its own pure jackpot, there are usually progressive jackpots offered by a group of casino sites and as you can imagine, it is possible that the number of wins may become very large and run into the millions!

Comparison of Fruit Machine and Regular Slots

Regular slots are famous because they can make you very excited. These types of online slots range from 3 wheels or 3 reels and up to 5 reels. In comparison, the fruit machine will only offer you such as 3 reels. This is because fruit machines are considered old-school games and not many developers put new technology into this trend. This is why people tend to move away and find a similar genre on regular slots.

To make it simple, fruit machines pay much much lesser than regular slots. But on the contrary, you can get a feel of simplicity. There will be no confusion on how to read symbols because they are quite easy to understand. On top of that, fruit machines are also way more convenient. This means that all payouts will go directly into your account’s balance without much hassle.


You can try both of these online slots. Fruit machines are easy to play with and way more convenient. Do not expect to make a lot of money. You might get lucky once in a while and score a huge sum of money in a very short period of time. This is all for today’s article and we hope you have learned the difference between fruit machines vs slot machines. See you at our next article!

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