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Hi Lo Online Game

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Hi Lo Online Game

Hi Lo Online Game

Hi Lo is a live gambler game provided by Playtech. It is high quality game with user-friendly system on the desktop and mobile devices.

In Hi Lo online game, the player must guess whether the next card drawn will be higher or lower than the card currently on the table. The odds of winning this game, or at least correctly predicting most of the cards, mainly depend on luck and how well you know the deck. 

It is played in an online casino with a live dealer. The game will be streamed from European studios. Currently there is only one variant of Hi Lo. However, several tables are available so that multiple players can play without having to wait for an available seat.

Playing Hi Lo Online Game

Hi Lo is played with 52 cards, half of which are red and the other half black. Continously, the cards are randomly shuffled making it a lot more challenging to guess correctly and win. Unlike other live casino games offered by Playtech, Hi Lo only uses a standard camera view.

Players are given only 15 seconds between each card draw during the game to place their bets and make their decision. The payouts can vary greatly as the minimum bet amount is 2 euros and can go up to a maximum of 200 euros.

During the game, players can communicate with the live dealer and the other players via the chat function. It is also possible to see the dealer’s hand history on the screen.

You can clearly see the latest results and the different betting options on your screen. Betting takes place on the table, so you will not find any betting options at the bottom of the screen. Instead, you will see different coin values ​​appear.

Object of Hi Lo Online Game

The object of Hi Lo online game is to determine whether the next card will be higher or lower than the last. For example, if a six appears on the last round and a seven follows and you have placed a bet on ‘higher’, you win. However, if a six was shown in the previous round and a two follows, you would lose with the same bet.

Starting from first round, the dealer draws a base card from the deck whose value is displayed on the screen. The cards range from two to ace with the ace always being high. Six decks are used and the tens are removed.

Once all bets are settled, the dealer will burn three cards and place the fourth card on the table. This card is compared with the previous card. Winning bets are paid and the second card becomes the base card. All burned cards are shuffled back into the deck and the game can start again.

The higher and lower payout percentages are based on the cards you are betting on. For example, if a three is dealt, you will receive a higher payout if you correctly bet on lower.

Betting Options of Hi Lo Online Game

The game is very simple, but Playtech has tried to make it more fun by offering other betting options with higher payouts. For example, players can select card groups such as two to five or ten to ace.

If you place a bet on a card group and the next card is a card that falls within the group, you win. Still other betting options are card suits, betting that the next card is an ace or king or just an ace.

You can bet in several ways and there is also a feature where you can bet that the next card will have the same value. The snap bet will only pay out if the next card matches the current card exactly. The simplicity of the game combined with the attractive payouts is why Hi Lo is so popular.

Hi Lo is one of the easiest table games to play live in the online casino. Most land-based casinos do not offer the game. Despite the fact that there is only one variant of Hi Lo, the game is simple, fun and interactive.

Hi Lo Online Game by Playtech

However, Playtech claims that the theoretical return of the game is 96.45%. This means that the house edge is 3.55%, which is comparable to other table games from Playtech such as Let it Ride or Three Card Poker.

One bet that you should avoid is the snap bet. This bet only pays 12.06 times your stake if the next card drawn is equal to the last and the chances of this happening are very slim.Hi Lo online game is suitable for players who like simplicity, a fast pace of play and interaction with dealers and other players

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