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How Many Casinos Are There in Ukraine? Can People Visit Everyday?

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How Many Casinos Are There in Ukraine

How Many Casinos Are There in Ukraine? Can People Visit Everyday?

Have you ever wondered, how many casinos are there in Ukraine? Well, we understand that everyone who has an interest in gambling and lives in one of Europe’s countries asks about it. Now, we are going to help! We will present to you the best place to visit so you can gamble and play so many exciting games! 

As you know, you can play online games such as poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, keno, and slot machines in casinos. Then, if you live in Ukraine, you must find the right place to come. So after that, you can get so many big wins in every game you play. 

How Many Casinos Are There in Ukraine Exactly?

The independence of Ukraine in 1991 was a source of pride for the country. They have around 40 casinos, thus despite the fact that gambling is relatively new in this young country, it is quite popular.

In addition, they also have two large lotteries to pick from, as well as numerous smaller lottery games. Until recently, Ukraine was exceptional in that it lacked a complete gambling law, but most other Eastern European countries did. As a result, there were a lot of gaming companies that weren’t regulated. 

Beginning in 2009, Ukraine officials tried to put the news into effect so that the gambling business could be more closely monitored, reducing criminality. New laws make it mandatory for businesses to seek a license in order to operate.

Consumer gambling operations can be found in ten cities across Ukraine. The city of Kyiv boasts the most casinos, with a total of 18 establishments. They also have a total of 36 different types of slot machines for you to pick from.

The Gambling History in Ukraine

Between 2009 and 2020, gambling was illegal in Ukraine. After a fire in a gaming hall in Dnipro killed nine individuals in May 2009, parliament made gambling illegal. 

On May 15, the Ukrainian parliament passed the bill “On Prohibition of Gambling Business in Ukraine” (Gambling Ban Law), which prohibits gambling businesses and any gambling involvement in Ukraine. 

The law was signed by Ukraine’s President, Viktor Yushchenko, on June 23 and went into effect on June 25. The Ukrainian Law on the Prohibition of Gambling Business also applied to online casinos, but not to lotteries. 

Furthermore, parliament made legal gambling again on 14 July 2020. Despite the rules and age limits (minimum age of 22).

The Gambling Zone in Ukraine

The introduction of so-called gaming zones is a key element of the Draft Law. All gambling activities with the exception of state cash lotteries should shift to these gaming zones. The following gaming zones are included in the list:

  • Hotels having a four-star rating and at least 100 rooms
  • Nonresidential properties, cultural and entertainment complexes, and ships registered in Ukraine that can house a casino with a gambling hall of at least 500 square meters are also eligible.

In addition, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea’s territory and tourist towns inside its borders have been designated as a special gambling zone.

Gambling enterprises are not permitted to be located within 500 meters of educational and government institutions, as well as healthcare facilities.

The Top Casino in Ukraine

Now you can join other players to play casino games in the following places. You can socialize with others and grab your winnings only by playing your favorite games. 

  • First Casino
  • Shangri La Kyiv Casino
  • Billionaire Casino
  • Slots City Casino
  • Horse-Racing Complex Parade Allure
  • Horseback Yard Sednevskiy
  • Horse Riding Club Provence

Yup, you already know how many casinos are there in Ukraine. You can visit the casinos 24/7 in Ukraine. Well, have you decided where the right casino to visit is? Hmm, or will you visit all of them? / Dy

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