How to Play Card Games

How to Play Card Games

How to play card games. There is plenty of opportunity to gamble and you can do this in a lot of ways.  Card games are one of the fastest and easiest ways to gamble. Now that you have Internet access at your fingertips you will be able to play any card game 24 hours a day. And any casino 24 hours a day.  These card games are usually played at a casino but can be played at home, online or even at the office.

There are a variety of card games that can be played.  One of the most popular games is poker.   This card game is very popular because it is the flash gambling equivalent of casino gambling and the Internet is very cheap when it comes to playing flash games.

A poker player can be at home, on the office, on vacation, or anywhere else in the world.  The great thing about poker is that unlike casino gambling, a poker player can lose their shirt while playing this game. 

Not all card games work similarly to poker and they are not all the same game.  There are hundreds of different card games that are played in various countries, so it is important to know the rules for the particular game you want to play.

How to Play Card Games, Joker Poker

Another popular game that is played with cards is joker poker.  There are two variations of this card game and the first is the Seven Card Stud variation.  In this game each player receives three cards and then they are dealt a 7th card to increase the value of their hand. 

The deck is then shuffled and the game begins.  Two hands are then dealt, the first to the player with the highest card value and then the opposite to the person whose hand is the lowest.

How to Play Card Games

Pinochle is a card game that is played with trick, or trick-taking horses.  The objective of the game is to successfully determine whose horse is the most likely to win the race for the player.  Before the races start, the master or dealer of the game positions all the horses on the track in a specific sequence.

After the bets are placed, the dealer exposes the tops and tails of the horses.  The bettor may back the horse that has the highest value as well as the bettor may bet against the horse that has the lowest value.  The horse with the highest value after the finalization of the position is the winner.

How to Play Card Games, Baccarat

Another common card game played in various countries is baccarat.  The cards are worth the number that they are assigned.  The game is played with a wheel that has numbers that are 1-10, and the cards are worth the number. 

The last digit of the amount is considered the card counter.  10 is the highest number and the card counter is minus 1.  The ace is the special card though the ace can be any number that equals 11.  A high card is a value of 10 and an ace is a number of 10.

Players may change their cards or they may have certain card counting systems.  Different card counting systems can be used to play the same table game.  Some systems assign +1, +2, +3, +5, +10, +20, +40 to the cards that have been played.  +1 is assigned to two through six, +2 is assigned to four, +3 to six, +5 to ten, +10 to 20, +50 is assigned to aces, +100 to a royal flush, and aces are credited with 10.

+1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6, +7, +9, +13, +20, +30, +40 – this sequence is the Basic Score.

+11, +12, +21, +41, +49, +96, +135, +200, +300, +500, +750 – this sequence is the High Score.

The High Score Card Counting System is one of the most popular systems.  In this system, every time a player gets a high card from the deck, he adds a point to his running count.  The High Card Counting System is played with aces only. 

The reason this system is easier to learn is that the ace is counted as a low card.  But, you can make your selections from the Standard Score, the Two Score, the Game Score and the Suit Score.

High Card Counting System – Practice Counting

So, how do you practice counting?  Just move from store to store, but do it with common sense.  If you see a difference in the admission of cards, backtrack and verify that you really have an advantage.  Counting will become very automatic with practice.

 High Card Counting Practice

1.  Invest ten or twelve dollars into a deck of cards.

2.  As you buy cards, change them in the shoe.

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