How to Play 1 × 2 Home Away Bet Type

How to Play 1 × 2 Home Away Bet Type

Online betting games are currently increasingly popular and favored by many bettors from all over. You can get benefits by accessing online soccer gambling sites that provide the best service for bettors.

To be able to get big wins and profits, you must first understand how to play home and also techniques in the soccer gambling betting arena.

Choosing Home or Away in Unogoal Football Gambling?

how to play

Unogoal offers a large selection of professional team team choices. Each of these teams has been selected from around the world. Examples are from America, the continent of Asia, the European League, and others.

You only need to choose one of them all to decide. Home is the side that hosts. While away is the opponent of other teams. Anyone can be a home and away team. However, the home team has an advantage from a mental perspective.

How to Play 1 × 2 Home Away Bets on the Most Trusted Online Football Gambling Site


Generally, home away bets require you to predict the total bet according to the odds. Usually in football matches with a choice of 1 × 2 there are odds such as 1 odds 1.20 × odds 1.30, and 2 odds 1.40. for that we describe to you in this article about the 1 × 2 bet.

• 1: 1.20 this means you choose team 1 in a football match with odds worth 1.20, the capital calculation is IDR 100,000, odds 1.20. Furthermore, the online ball count mechanism is 1 × 2.

• 1.30 draw (draw). In this online unogoal soccer bet, you must determine the results of matches 1 and 2. How to play in calculating online soccer bets 1 × 2 wins with odds 1.30 is so easy to do.

• 2: 1.40 with the same measure as option 1 or series (×). The difference is that this bet is only a count of odds.
After you understand these types of bets, you can learn and apply the following tricks so that you can get wins easily.

• Home away betting 1 × 2 requires bettors to always update football information on the internet, social media, television and other sources. These tips can later make it easier for you to analyze the chances of winning from the team that will compete.

• You can analyze the two teams that will compete before you place an online soccer bet. Team analysis can be started from the condition of the team, the players, the main players who have been deployed, internal problems, the number of goals, the number of goals conceded, ball possession, and so on.

• You should also observe the results of the previous 5 matches (head to head) of the two teams that will compete. Observe the process of goals that are created, the number of conceded, the number of goals, corner kicks and free kicks you can do as well.

• Before applying online soccer betting 1 × 2, you can see the market odds available on trusted unogoal betting sites. Some big odds have less potential to win because they are given to small teams. Unlike the case with small odds, the potential to win is higher because it is given to the big team.

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That is our explanation of how to play 1 × 2 home away bets on the supertogel of a trusted online soccer gambling site. Hopefully this explanation is useful for you. That is all.