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Jelly Bloom Slot Review: RTP 96.10%, Evoplay

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Jelly Bloom Slot Review

Jelly Bloom Slot Review: RTP 96.10%, Evoplay

Are you curious about this Jelly Bloom slot review? This Evoplay slot, which features candy-style graphics and jelly beans as the main characters, should provide players with all of the excitement they desire. 

It’s not the candy-themed visuals in Jelly Bloom that will do it, but the massive potential of its free spins, as well as a few other intriguing features.

Best Jelly Bloom Slot Review

Despite the smaller gaming area, Jelly Bloom features 4×4 reels and 40 active lines. It can pay out as much as 10,586x the bet at times, however this makes it a slot gacor with a higher volatility. 

In the long run, the RTP is 96.10%, which should be plenty for most players. They use Jelly Wilds, symbol drops, scatters, and free spins as primary bonuses, so there are plenty of choices to keep you happy and playing.

1. Betting and Prizes

To begin playing Jelly Bloom and activate all 40 lines, a wager of simply $0.10 is required. We’re talking about wagers of up to $75 per spin on the other hand.

The payouts are a consequence of the developer’s testing, which included more than 500 million spins to assess how much the game is capable of delivering. During testing, the ordinary spins paid out a maximum of 264x the stake, while the free spins paid out a staggering 10,586x the stake.

Because you’d expect volatility to be high, and it is, there’s also a 29% hit frequency rate, which means you’ll be winning frequently. With an RTP of 96.10%, we may conclude that this is a fair game in the long run.

2. Slot Features

In Jelly Bloom, you’re striving to construct winning combos with three or four symbols on the 40 active lines. As wins accumulate, a cascading reels-style mechanic kicks in, with the symbols from the winning combination being removed and replaced with new ones. If the wins keep coming, the drops will continue.

With each additional drop, the meters for the four top symbols on the left side will fill up. One of the top symbols will be changed into a wild for every two drops that occur during the same spin, making it much easier to earn more winnings. 

Once you’ve completed 8 drops, all four top symbols will be wild. The meters reset and the symbols transform back into regulars for the next round whenever the round stops providing you new wins.

If enough scatter symbols appear (3 to 5+, for 5 to 15 free spins), the other important symbol to use, the wild, will activate the free spins feature. 

When the free spins feature begins, the game randomly selects one of the four top symbols to give it a higher starting multiplier (boost of 3x or more, depending on the triggering scatters). 

When the Jelly symbols contribute to wins, the multiplier for that symbol is applied. The multiplier for the jelly symbols increases as more scatters land. During testing, the free spins had the potential of paying up to 40x more than the main rounds, thanks to multipliers that increase as you play.

3. Design and Story

Jelly Bloom is a fantastic Evoplay release in more ways than one. We liked how it used cartoon-style graphics and had attractive primary characters who looked like jelly beans. You’re getting a game with incredible production value, and we adore the way it looks.

If you’re looking for symbols, you’ll find the four sorts of jelly characters (pink, blue, yellow, and green), as well as other fruits in those same four colors, in addition to the game’s scatters (grape-like image).

Final Conclusion

We enjoyed a number of things about this game, a game that pays out on a regular basis, even if not for a large sum, and so keeps you occupied while you try to trigger the free spins. 

That’s where the magic happens, and the potential in this mode is enormous, but that’s how high-volatility slots usually work. 

The cartoon-style visuals and attractive main characters are almost sickeningly sweet, which may not be to everyone’s taste, but there’s no disputing the slot machine’s great quality. Well, that is our Jelly Bloom slot review for you and you can try this game at slot gacor site.

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