Jurassic Giants Slot Review

Jurassic Giants Slot Review: RTP 96.03% (Pragmatic Play)

Are you looking for the SLOT 95 Jurassic Giants slot review? Although this game contains some contemporary features, its premise is rooted in a far older era, with references to mammoths, dinosaurs, and even cavemen. 

Since dinosaurs and cavemen were not contemporaneous, the theme itself doesn’t make much sense, but a fun slot machine may make up for a lot of flaws. Developer Pragmatic Play is the person or company behind Jurassic Giants.

Summary of Jurassic Giants Slot Review

The arrangement for Jurassic Giants has been chosen in a novel fashion, with 6×4 reels and a total of 4096 ways to win. In the regular game, payouts can reach up to $2,000, while in the free spins, they can reach up to $8,000. 

Numerous free spins with multipliers up to 4x are possible to initiate in this game. There are also wild symbols, scatter symbols, and stacked symbols.

1. Betting Options

There are 50 active lines that will be covered by your bets. The player chooses the number of coins for each of those lines, which might range from 1 to 10. The value of those coins is another choice that is yours to choose; it can be up to $0.50. You could place a line bet of $5 and a total stake of $250 overall.

For the base game rounds of Jurassic Giants, the large prize will be at most $2,000 in value. The multiplier for the free spins is up to 4 times, or $8,000 in total. The theoretical RTP, which is set at 96.01%, is a respectable one.

2. Game Features

Along with offering 6 reels and 4096 ways to win, the game also lets you create combinations by beginning on either side of the playing field. In contrast to most slot machines, Jurassic Giants allows players to create combos from right to left.

One of the symbols you’ll see rather frequently is the Volcano Wild. Only the reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 have it available. Only symbols that can form combinations can be replaced by it.

The scatter, which depicts a Diamond, should be examined next. These scatters are stacked, which is extremely uncommon in a slot machine. 

Due to the nature of these symbols, the free spins require more symbols to be activated than in other games. 15 to 100 free spins are awarded when there are 10 to 19 scatter symbols visible on the reels. 

The game will grant you an astounding 250 free spins if you get at least 20 scatter symbols. A random multiplier, ranging from 2x to 4x, will be applied to the winners from each of those free spins. The free spins can even be retriggered in the same manner as when you first received them.

3. Theme and Design

As the Jurassic title indicates, dinosaurs are the primary focus of the theme. However, those are not the only creatures you will see on the reels. 

Mammoths, sabretooth tigers, cave ladies, an amber-eyed bug, and torches may also be seen on the reels. The standard ugly poker cards are also there and continue to look unappealing.

Final Conclusion

In conclusion of Jurassic Giants slot review, although this game doesn’t have the most well-developed theme available, it does have the layout and features that will still make it a compelling choice.

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