Minecraft Dungeons Game Review That Narrates About A New Action Adventure

Minecraft Dungeons Game Review That Narrates About A New Action Adventure

Minecraft Dungeons game review comes to bring some narration about a new action-adventure. Thie game is the latest in the Minecraft series that comes with a more attractive design. After waiting for a long time for 2 years since it was announced in 2018, this has succeeded in being present to sedate his fans.

Games that offer action-packed adventures without losing the taste of Minecraft themselves are so much fun to play. You will feel happy and addicted when enjoying this game.

The Plot Of The Fictional World In Minecraft Dungeons Game Review

Minecraft Dungeons game review tells about this game that is set in the same fictional world as the original series known as Overworld. This world consists of rough 3D objects called blocks. Long story short, one day there was an illager named Archie who was kicked out by the surrounding community. When Archie is about to settle down in a new place he is forced to leave it. He was kicked out because he was not allowed to stay by residents. Because of this, he kept moving from place to place.

Until one day he found a strong artefact. This powerful artefact known as the Orb of Dominance was so popular. The artefact can give him magic power. This magic power can be used to do various things he wants to point out. He can also take revenge through the power he has. However, this power also damaged him. Unconsciously this power is eating away at itself.

Archie, who has mastered the artefact, transforms himself into an Arch Illager. This figure is a figure that looks so strong with the magic power it has. With this change, he seeks revenge against those who had wronged him. He formed his army to be able to conquer the surrounding villages. He travelled to various places to avenge what they had done to him.

Minecraft Dungeons game review provides some informations about fun adventure for you to be able to stop what Archie is doing. You have to be able to stop the Ambition that the arch illager has. With the various powers and weapons that you have obtained, you will go on various adventures to defeat the magic power possessed by these troops. Your adventure will feel so fun even though it looks so simple.

Minecraft Dungeons Game Review Makes You Interested In The Gameplay Aspects

Minecraft Dungeons Game Review Makes You Interested In The Gameplay Aspects

Minecraft Dungeons game review depicture an adventure that assigns you to find a way through the dungeon. This is certainly different from the original Minecraft series which carries the theme of an open world concept. In this game, you will defeat the enemy that is facing you and also collect from the existing treasure chest. You will also join the exciting battle when defeating existing bosses.

The gameplay offered by this game consists of single-player and multiplayer modes. For multiplayer mode, you have two options, namely offline and also online. When you will start the game you will be asked to create an Avatar character which you will use as the main character. Through the available design templates, you can choose what you want. You will control this character during the game.

Minecraft Dungeons game review offers some descriptions of interesting characters in this game for you. After you have succeeded in making the character you want you will be taken to the first-gen with a tutorial mission.

Each Dungeon has a level design that is randomly generated by the system. Your task is to walk from the starting point to the endpoint that has been determined. You have to go through various adventures to get to the end of the level safely. If your character’s level does not meet the requirements then you will receive a tough challenge.

At the beginning of the game, you will be equipped with a sword with standard strength. You can collect existing weapons through various missions that you have completed. Each available weapon variant has a different range and combo. You can also choose an axe weapon and a dagger to launch short-range attacks. To avoid enemy attacks you also can roll. You will find many variants of melee weapons throughout the game so you can level up more easily.

Minecraft Dungeons Game Review About Distinctive Graphics Visuals

Minecraft Dungeons game review also tells about distinctive graphics visuals. In this game, won’t give you realistic graphics at high resolution. Why is that? This is because Mojang Studio still maintains its visual characteristics in this game.

As a game that carries the Minecraft World, you will meet checkered graphics with a mosaic or pixelated pattern that still looks stunning with complex lighting arrangements. This characteristic makes this game look different from other games. Even this visual can provide its charm.

The visuals are equipped with the right lighting. You will find the use of a Diablo-style isometric camera viewpoint which is very useful to keep the player’s visibility much wider. with this feature, you can spoil your eyes with a wider exploration.

The angles you play will feel more alive with the lighting arrangements and effects that are given. Even when the subject and object appear simultaneously the simple and intuitive interface will make it easier for you to understand what is being presented during the game.

Minecraft Dungeons game review comes with explanations about the game that also equipped with charming audio. The selection of music that is always following the playing conditions will create a certain atmosphere. The presence of this audio can present a unique and dynamic nuance. All the music plays by the difficulty level that you have faced so that you can be more motivated and more challenged to win this game.

With a game mode that allows you to play freely. You can do any kind of attack you want. And you can also decide whether you want to add attack damage or activate additional attack effects. You can even choose to play local multiplayer or online multiplayer from any place you want. With an unlimited choice of levels, you can maximize your character.

Game Details

Developer: Mojang Studios, Double Eleven
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S
Release Date: May 26, 2020
Price: $ 19.99 at Amazon or Gdgames Australia
Links: https://www.minecraftdungeons.net/en-us/

-Simple combat system
-Online and Offline Multiplayer Features
-Attractive dungeon design
-Intuitive visual presentation
-Great variety of items

-There is no job/class system
-The story isn’t serious
-Minimal customization



Minecraft Dungeons game review tells about an interesting game to play alone or even in a crowd with lots of people. With the innovation of existing content, you will not be bored playing this game.

Offering an action-adventure genre that invites you to have an adventure exploring the dungeons, this game is perfect for newcomer gamers. This game is very family-friendly and can be played by anyone. You will be addicted when playing this game.