Google Algorithm Core Update on December 2020

Google just confirmed that they just did a core algorithm update. This is the third core algorithm update of 2020. Core algorithm update that was previously carried out on May 4, 2020.

Many suspect that the effect of the core algorithm update this time will be greater than usual, because it seems that Google has delayed this third update quite a bit.

But to find out Google update 2020 effects on website. We will have to wait a few weeks for this new algorithm to run completely.

As usual we remind you not to panic and do excessive things when an algorithm like this occurs. It is natural that there are several websites that move up our website. However, our website can usually come back if it is of better quality.

There is no detailed information that we can share here yet, as the update has just been made. We still have to wait to see what kind of websites will benefit from this algorithm.

Google’s latest change on algorithm update

If you are badly affected by this Algorithm update, what can you do? For now don’t do anything just yet. Don’t panic, because that will make you make a lot of mistakes.

If this is the latest Google algorithm update this year. Then we usually need to wait about a week to see a new pattern. If this was just a bug, then usually everything would be normal within a week.

So for the development of the latest Google algorithm update on December 3, 2020. You can monitor it on this page in the next week. We first learned what adjustment steps need to be done.

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Previous Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Update October 2020

At the end of October, there are 2 important issues surrounding the Google algorithm update. The first is about the inclusion of a passage ranking system into Google’s algorithm; while the second is the ranking swing that occurred last October 28th.

Passage Ranking

Passage ranking is a system where Google will assess only certain parts of a website page to find the most relevant content.

So Google no longer sees a page as a complete page. Google can find the most relevant parts of a page and recommend it to Google users. This passage ranking algorithm is predicted to change the ranking of 7% of websites on the Google index.

This algorithm is said to be entered at the end of Google update 2020. And will begin to be implemented in American territory. The application in other countries will be carried out in stages.

Is There An Algorithm Update October 28, 2020?

There are many website owners who say that there was a drop in traffic on October 28, 2020. If there is a large traffic change like this, it means that there is a change in the algorithm in Google’s system.

The problem is; not all websites see that traffic change. So maybe this isn’t a big update.

Google does update its algorithm every day. So there are lots of updates that Google doesn’t inform you about.

We ourselves saw that several keywords for the websites that we monetized had decreased in ranking on October 28, 2020. Then there were several websites that were not previously on the first page, suddenly could be on top of our website.

But now these changes are starting to appear back to their original state. There are some keywords that are starting to rise again; and websites that were suddenly up… are now starting to have a lower ranking.

So chances are this is just the effect of the rank brain algorithm that studies new Google user behaviors and tries to adjust the search results that are displayed.

End of September 2020 Algorithm Update

At the end of September 2020, there are many websites that have index problems? Does this have something to do with the Google Algorithm update? It’s not even just recent pages that are hard to index; some old pages even come out of the Google index. Actually what happened?

Seroundtable noted that on September 23 there were symptoms that resembled the state of Google’s algorithm update. But it looks like this condition is just a canonical problem in Google’s system.

Then on September 29, there were many website owners. Who started reporting that their news website was not included in Google’s index for the latest articles.

There are even many webmasters who complain that the main landing page is missing from Google’s index.

This complaint has reached Google. And Google confirms that this is a problem from the index side. Which once again cannot keep up with Google’s robot crawling speed.

But even though Google has reported that this index problem has been resolved. However, there are still many websites that complain that their new articles have not been indexed.

Usually this happens because Google still has to deep crawl to get back the pages that freshbot has already passed.

Google Update August 10, 2020

The website optimization community is currently talking about fluctuations in Google search results. There seems to be a massive algorithm update going on, due to the large ranking swings in many search results. This swing starts on August 10, 2020.

Swings of this size previously occurred during the Penguin and Panda algorithms. So a lot of people are speculating whether there is a major update or a serious bug in Google’s algorithm.

This issue is being observed by the SEO community around the world, and all are still waiting for further developments.

On August 11, 2020, many people began to report that their rankings returned to normal. They are hoping this is really just a bug, as some of the search results are very low quality.

Finally on August 12, 2020, Google has confirmed that it was just a mistake… So there was no major update on August 10th.

At this point, the latest update below is just a recap of some of the previous and old Google algorithm updates.

Algorithm Update May 4th, 2020

On May 4, 2020, Google announced that it was updating its core algorithm. If Google announces that it is updating its core Algorithm, then that is usually a sign that there will be a considerable ranking shift in search results. This update was the first major update on Google core algorithm on 2020.

Every time Google updates its core algorithm like this, there will be those whose rankings are in freefall and there will also be those whose rankings rise suddenly.

Of course, those who experience an increase in ranking will feel happy and don’t care about what happens. But those whose rankings are in freefall will try to find out what has changed from Google’s assessment.

In the last few algorithm updates, Google has said that there is nothing you can do if the ranking changes. However, many SEO practitioners write that they can come back to the surface by making certain changes.

So it seems that there are still things we can do to fix the negative effects of Google’s latest algorithm updates in 2020.

What Changes Happened?

In this algorithm, there are niches that experience very large rank swings, and there are also those whose ranking swings are normal.

So we need to look at which niches are experiencing a big swing. For that we will refer to the data released by SEMRUSH.

From the data issued by SEMRUSH; We can see a graph by niche that shows which niches are most impacted after the last 4 May 2020 Algorithm update.

The increase in traffic is due to changes in the behavior of Google users. Who have recently become more active in searching for news about Covid-19.

So news websites are the most stable websites in the current update. They not only experienced a huge increase in traffic but also relatively stable rankings compared to other niches.

Travel Websites Got Hit Very Hard

The biggest hit from this update was felt by travel websites. Where the number of searches fell so high that the Google algorithm felt this was a decrease in user interest. Google usually responds to this decline in interest by rotating rankings.

Google is trying to make the search results more varied. To see if there is an increase in interest and satisfaction from users. So don’t be surprised if your niche is currently very broad and blurry.

The health niche itself has a medium effect, because Google rotates rankings. Not only because of Google’s user satisfaction, but also because of the current state of society. We will discuss this later.

For a complete review of SEMRUSH’s analysis of this algorithm update. Please read: Google’s May 2020 Core Update: The Winners and Losers

Who Wins and Loses in this Algorithm Update?

Right now Google seems to be reducing the opportunities it provides to new websites and websites that are managed individually.

After the algorithm update in May. You can see that there are fewer individual websites competing on the tough competition keywords. Especially in the YMYL category.

So this time the winner is dominated by corporate websites and the losers are dominated by individual websites. For example, the health niche is full of health startup websites.

For e-commerce, it is filled with marketplaces. There is no need to mention the news niche anymore. Meanwhile, travel has begun to be dominated by traveloka, klook, etc.

Many individual or small business websites have to step aside in this algorithm update this time. It looks like Google raised the E-A-T bar in almost any niche.

Fluctuation is Not Clear from April-September 2020

During April to September 2020, we can see that there are lots of ranking fluctuations that occur in Google search results. This makes SEO practitioners think that the cause of this incident is a major algorithm update. One that was not announced by Google. Or it could be because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We all know that the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in many behavioral changes in search results. People reduce their habit of making purchases so that the keyword buying and selling has lost a lot of enthusiasts.

It looks like Google’s algorithms see this decline in interest as a signal of dissatisfaction, so they randomize it to provide other results. If Google sees that there are changes occurring, the changes that are made will subside and the results will be more stable.

If you experience this problem, it is recommended not to make drastic changes to your website, because swings like this can only be temporary.

But if this swing is the influence of Covid-19 pandemic, then of course this could last quite a long time.

So, why did Google do this?

Why does Google reduce opportunities for individual websites? Google seem to be trying to play it safe by displaying the majority of large websites that have a lot of content and backlinks?

Many SEO practitioners have speculated that this is the effect of the Corona Virus outbreak.

Corona Effect on Updated Algorithm on May 4, 2020

Many SEO practitioners think that the increasing value of E-A-T is being demanded in every niche, and the less opportunity that is given to individual websites. All of them were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

On all of these Google update 2020 seems to be trying hard to reduce the spread of HOAX on news and discussions around health issues. All because the number of hoaxes currently circulating is very high.

There are many people who try to discuss popular topics around health when they do not have the authority to do so. They discuss health issues just to hunt traffic.

Resolving financial problems

The conditions today are extraordinary. So the financial tips that are commonly given in normal situations tend not to be suitable to be applied during this Corona virus pandemic.

So Google is also trying to provide websites that are active in providing guidance that has been adapted to the current conditions of Covid-19.

Websites that don’t update about the Covid-19 issue seem to show a big negative impact from this Google algorithm update.

So in the meantime Google is reducing its experimentation with websites with weak authority and trying to increase websites with high authority only.

On average, a website with high authority is a website that has been registered in Google My Business, and has a clear address and person in charge.

This aims to provide a sense of security for Google users, because the person responsible for the content they read is very clear. If there is a misinformation or even a fraudulent complaint, the parties that can be prosecuted legally are very clear.

Google is “playing it safe” because the conditions right now are very sensitive. Both in terms of health risks and also the financial condition of the community….

So, why are so many neglected blogs going up in Google Search?

happy businessman checking message on smartphone in downtown alley
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In the latest algorithm update in May 2020, we can also see many neglected websites that have risen to the surface. On the other hand, are there websites with lots of content and lots of backlinks that are eliminated from the first page?

What Actually Happened?

Why is this condition different from what happens on YMYL websites that compete in tough competition?

Usually this occurs in a niche where there is a large change in visitor behavior and tends to be negative. Google may respond to this change in behavior as a signal of dissatisfaction.

So Google tries to randomize the search results by changing the percentage of each factor involved in the calculation.

So don’t be surprised if the first page will insert a website with few pages or even very minimal backlinks. On all these Google update 2020 is trying to see whether websites that are taken from these different percentage factors can improve Google’s user satisfaction levels.

If your website is eliminated by these websites only because of changes in current user behavior, there is a high chance that your website will come back again after user behavior returns to normal.

Google Updare February 2020

February 2020 saw a very large flux movement which generally only occurs if there is a broad core algorithm update. But Google is silent about the algorithm update problem that occurred in February. So this remains an unconfirmed algorithm update by Google to date.

Google Algorithm Update for Featured Snippets

woman raising her hands up while sitting on floor with macbook pro on lap
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On January 23, 2020, Google announced that they were updating their algorithm for featured snippets. Usually websites that are displayed on featured snippets will still be displayed again in the search results below. However, currently the search results will no longer display the URL on the featured snippet.

Google Algorithm Update on January 13, 2020

As announced last January 13th that on its Google update 2020 is releasing its first algorithm update in 2020. The significance of this Algorithm update is so great that it is confirmed that this is an extensive core algorithm update.

Google does perform thousands of algorithm updates every year and only a few of them are updates to the core algorithm. Usually a broad core algorithm update which will have a huge effect on the internet.

If there is an extensive algorithm update, the website owner will see that there is a large ranking movement in Google search results.

Extensive algorithm updates like this are what often cause panic among website owners whose websites are freefalling in search results.

Google says that nothing can be done if this wide-scale algorithm update occurs, except to improve the quality of your content to be better than other websites.

This is what makes lately there are many websites that have unique and quality content that has risen to the surface even though with not much backlinks.

E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trust)

Google has actually put these factors into their algorithm for a long time, but in the Algorithm update in 2019 they raised the E-A-T standard for YMYL websites. The meaning of YMYL website is websites that discuss health and financial matters.

Google will be very careful in choosing websites that are in this category and prioritizing high E-A-T. So you will no longer be able to discuss health problems if you are not a doctor or a professional background that is closely related to the medical world.

This is why there are many herbal websites that collapsed in 2017 from the health niche and there are many health start-ups that have risen up in Google search results.

To increase your expertise, authority and trust in Google search results, there are many things you need to do. But the most important thing is that the quality of your article must be very good and complete.

If your article can’t answer questions from visitors, then your ranking will slowly drop.

Another thing you need to do is to register your address as a business address on Google My Business. Google will trust websites that provide their complete address more, because that means nothing is hidden.

If you do these two things, it will make it easier for your website to rank in Google search results.

Google BERT Algorithm Update December 9, 2019

Google officially announced that it has just released an algorithm called BERT.

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers which is applied in 70 languages.

Earlier in October, Google announced that BERT was the most advanced word processing algorithm. BERT comes from the Transformer project developed by engineers at Google.

During the announcement of the BERT Update, Google confirmed that the new language algorithm will attempt to understand the relationship between words in the search query.

This gives Google the ability to understand the context of the keywords entered by Google users.

Below is a list of languages ​​processed by Google’s BERT algorithm.

Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azeri, Basque, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified & Taiwan), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German , Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Korean, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Lao, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian Malay (Brunei Darussalam & Malaysia), Malayalam, Maltese, Marathi, Mongolian, Nepali, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Sinhalese, Slovak, Slovenian, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Tajik, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, and Spanish.

The Difference Between BERT and Neural Matching Algorithm

The announcement made by Google in November announcing the launch of a local search update attracted the attention of website owners. It is said that Google is doing an update with the term “neural matching”.

This makes many website owners confused about the difference between the BERT algorithm and Neural Matching. So it needs to be explained that Google actually has quite a lot of algorithms for language processing.

BERT and Neural Matching are only 2 of the newest algorithms.

Google has actually started using a language processing algorithm since 2018, but this was made even better with the BERT update in September 2019.

Then came Neural Matching, which was used to search for synonymous words from queries entered by Google users. This allows Google to return search results from pages that do not contain the exact words Google users use.


All these updates are done by Google, so they can widen the page options they can display in search results. All of them are focused on providing search results that are more relevant to Google users.

After you do all of the above will your rankings come back?

Nobody will be able to answer this, but what is clear is that the rankings are still playing at the moment.

There are still websites that suddenly move up from the second page and immediately rise to the Top 5 rank.

That means Google is still doing iteration or recurring calculations. In other words Google hasn’t decided on a stable ranking yet.

So we do the things above while hoping to increase the E-A-T value of our website during this assessment period.

Hopefully after this latest Google algorithm update is stable, your website can get better rankings in Google search results.

What Can You Do?

For most of the websites negatively affected by this update. It seems that there is not much that can be done other than continuing to optimize. This is according to Google’s quality standards.

So the website owner must try to add quality content regularly.

Backlinks are the brother’s problem in this case. Because in general, websites that have been negatively impacted already have quite a lot of backlinks. It’s just that inadequate authority and onpage with demands for algorithm updates make them eliminated….

If the topics you are discussing have a close relationship with the current COVID-19 situation. Then you should also discuss these issues. It will also help increase the rate at which content is added to your website.

The problem with all these google update 2020 is can you survive until things return to normal? Especially if the website is a website that is a source of income for you…

If you feel that your website content is of high quality and can satisfy readers. Then there is nothing to worry too much about.

Usually this will return to normal in one week or two weeks.


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Can a Gambler Online Poker Be Cured ? Be Cured ?

Almost entire games online including online poker could become long term addiction. Some addiction problems could cure by the times but some others need special treatment from the doctor. Many gamblers like Link Poker had potentially experienced the kind of addiction problem. Such as general problem gambler, compulsive gambler addiction, and hard gambling addiction. They have the power to cut off addicts’ problems as long as in the right way.

Mainstream Method To Cured Online Poker Addiction

Some Solutions for your Questions Regarding Gambling Addiction ...

There are the most mainstream methods of helping online poker addicts. It focuses on using willpower. The first statement to have the poker gamer acknowledge their problem. They have no idea to ruining their lives or lives with their loved ones belongs addicted poker problem

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The gamer condition will not be ended up tragically. It is because of seeking the right treatment from doctors to prescribing they done exactly. Their experience swore off gaming dozens of times and big failed. Such as neural doctors will focus the treatment to stimulus many parts on your brain.

Compulsive Poker Online Game Change and Stop Playing

It is still a key to curing a gambler online poker addiction, to no longer being a poker gambler. You have to learn about the addict understanding. Exactly their general thought when playing poker more feeling enjoy and free. 

All gambler poker know about the downsides of poker. Such as the debts, cost, the loss of property or loved ones, and the utter shame. But, you have no idea in ramming that down their throat, they will be ignored. They couldn’t accept that because it feels patronizing and entirely counter-productive.  

They only look at their perceived advantages from gambler poker online. Besides, they are understanding the process they went through until becoming addicted. It is like an entirely empowering and positive process that makes them leave the gambler ready.

Every gambler addict hopes they could be released from the darkest place. Where bring them into the most uncomfortable dungeon from their life. Surprisingly, many people said this process far from being a lifetime battle and does not need residential treatment. Compulsive poker player could be cured of their addiction and priceless treatment from their self.

Treatment to Online Poker Addiction

Treatment for compulsive poker gamer can be challenging. Most of the part that their experience because of a hard time admitting a problem inside themself. A major piece of treatment is working on acknowledging your life become different during poker addiction.

Your parents, friends, and family will pressure you into therapy. But you will express madness and finally find yourself resisting in the treatment. Remember treating a poker addiction problem can help you regain a sense of control.

Perhaps help to heal the damaged financial situation even relationships with other individuals. The ideal treatment cycle for poker online gambler may include:

1. Therapy

called cognitive behavioral therapy and behavior therapy may be beneficial. This first step treatment using systematic exposure to the behavior you want to unlearn. The therapy process also teaches some skills to reduce the urge to gamble poker. 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy focused on identifying unhealthy thought, irrational and negative beliefs. Besides, replacing old worst behavior with healthy and positive activities. It still needed family therapy during therapy times.

2. Medications

The recommended cure may help addiction problems of poker gamers are antidepressants and mood stabilizers. It is real medicine from a doctor, such as depression, ADHD, or OCD. Some antidepressants using to effectively reducing poker addiction behavior. 

In medications steps more popular as narcotic antagonists. It is useful for treating substance abuse and treat addiction to gambling.

3. Self-help Groups

People experiencing poker addiction could be cured by self-help groups. It is the last treatment worth trying. Based on psychology experience some people with addiction more comfort to that talking with others who have the same problem. It is possible to help the entire treatment. You could also ask from health care professionals to create self-help groups, such as Poker Gamblers Anonymous.