Soccer, A Fun and Exciting Sport

Soccer, A Fun and Exciting Sport

Soccer, a fun and exciting sport. A game played with a ball and goals in which two teams of eleven members stand on a large rectangular pitch on which they strive to navigate a soccer ball into their opponent’s goal.

History of Soccer

It is believed that a game similar to soccer existed in Rome during the 2nd century.

Strel Astrolabe

Strel is an instrument used to keep track of the distance between two points.

There are three historical records of soccer being played in Great Britain, these records were:

  • In 1681, in a round-robin competition held in Woolwich, the winners competed against the Royal Engineers
  • In 1727, the Royal Navy Football Club was formed. The club’s original name was the Royal Engineers Round. After one of its members, Captain William Sidney Johnston designed a spring system. That would help the ball to return to the player in such a manner that he would not lose it.
  • After losing the popularity fight. In 1776 Captain Thomas Woolcott wrote down the rules of association football for Woolwich, Charlton and Leominster. At the same time, the Woolwich Football Club published its own rules.
  • By using the same general outline of the game. The Sheffield Football Club changed its name to Wolverhampton Wanderers in 1856. Which I have been able to find through the Sheffield Football Club’s web site and the London Pilot. An aircraft that was used in air drops during WWII. The club’s formerly Midland Football Club LEFT the city and became Woolwich Wanderers in 1856. In 1962 the club moved to Highbury and changed its name toolation Newton Heath. Becoming the second oldest professional club in the world.
Soccer, A Fun and Exciting Sport

The First Games

Sepak bola earliest recorded form dates back to 1000 B.C. Modern versions appear in some form of evidence as far back as 1000 B.C. In any event, by 1200 B.C., evidence of soccer has appeared in what is now modern China. And was incorporate into the old Chinese.

Advantages of an Older Practice

The advantage of reviving a traditional soccer ball and using an older practice ball. That you have an opportunity to retool your players on to using something that looks like a soccer ball. You can test a few players using old practice balls and by dropping down. Kicking the ball against the wall, or throwing it across and then returning across the field. You can conduct the drill in such a way that the player gets accustomed to the motion. And could then play with a regular soccer ball.

Usually players are introduced to the game of soccer by a soccer mom or dad who has a ball. Or some parent passes along a newspaper to their child.

Many kids love the game of soccer and are determined to be a part of this wonderful game. Some kids grow up watching their parents play and aspire to be great soccer players.

Others are just excited to play and immediately want to have their own soccer equipment. Sign up on to the league. It is usually possible to sign up for practice equipment and materials with just a little perseverance. A little persistence, and a lot of determination.

By persistence, it is possible. To get the desired soccer equipment on to your child in just a few short weekends. It is imperative. However that you take the time to put in the necessary time to get their attention. Have them think soccer is a fun and exciting sport. / Dy

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