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Starburst Game Slot Casino: 3 Important Things to Get 1000 Spins

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Starburst game slot casino

Starburst Game Slot Casino: 3 Important Things to Get 1000 Spins

For many years, Starburst game slot casino have been the most popular in the world. You can learn everything there is to know about Netent’s Starburst slot in this review.

Every week or so, game developers release new slots. Film clips and spectacular graphics are frequently included (think Narcos ). Aside from that, there are thousands of paylines and complicated bonuses to contend with (such as Monopoly Megaways ).

There are no special graphics in Starburst. There are no movie clips available for Starburst. Megaways aren’t available in Starburst. Nonetheless, since its release at the end of 2011, this Netent online slot has been a favorite of millions of players.

What is it about that simple Starburst that makes it so popular? Perhaps it’s because Starburst is so simple that everyone gets it right away. 

Five different colored jewels, a Seven, and a BAR symbol make up the symbols. That is all there is to it. There are no elaborate animations or soundtracks, but this is a fun, fast-paced slot machine.

How Does Starburst Game Slot Casino Work?

Starburst is a 5-reel slot with three symbols visible on each reel. There are ten pay lines that run from left to right and right to left, respectively. You win the prize (so) twice if you have five of the same symbols on a pay line. The minimum bet per pay line is one cent.

A star symbol, the Starburst Wild, can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 in addition to the jewels, Sevens, and BAR. This symbol is regarded as a joker. The nice thing is that the symbol expands right away, filling the entire reel with jokers. This frequently results in good prices.

After that, you get a free extra spin with the jokers still in play. Exciting! You’ll get another extra spin if a Starburst Wild is added during that extra spin. With two joker-filled reels.

If you’re extremely lucky, another Starburst Wild will appear, giving you an extra spin with jokers on the middle three reels. You’ll almost certainly win a fantastic prize.

The 1000 Spins on Starburst

This is the only way to get a thorough understanding of the game. He used a $1.00 per spin wager for this Starburst review.

Starburst is known for giving up, but if the Starburst Wild doesn’t seem so, you won’t be able to win any of the really big prizes. The top prize during spins without Starburst Wild was $15.00. That’s a bit of a letdown.

The Starburst Wild, fortunately, falls a lot. The symbol expanded 85 times, or roughly once every 12 spins. This resulted in a $5.89 average.

Starburst Wild fell next to it four times in a second, and then it got nice. One of these spins was worth $119.00, which was the highest prize of the 1000 spins.

During 1000 spins, we unfortunately did not get three jokers next to each other.

From 1000 spins, we lost a total of $178.00. That’s a huge sum, but with a $1.00 per spin bet, you can win a prize on Starburst that more than compensates for the loss. Unfortunately, we did not have such good fortune.


Starburst game slot casino is a fun, simple game. The game doesn’t get boring quickly because the Starburst Wild appears so frequently: every spin you have a reasonable chance of winning a reasonable price. Make sure only in judi online of your choice of play.

And if at least two Starburst Wilds appear, you’ll be so excited that you’ll almost crawl into your screen.

It’s no surprise that Starburst, along with classics like Twin Spin and Gonzo’s Quest, is still among the most popular slots after all these years.

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