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Trick to Win In The Domino Game

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Trick to Win In The Domino Game

Trick to Win In The Domino Game

In the Domino game it’s not difficult to win, of course if you’ve read the powerful tricks to win Domino. But before going into the article about the Effective Way to Win with Domino tricks, please first read the Basic Guide and How to Play Domino correctly. Here are some Tips and Tricks to win a lot in the Domino Qiu Qiu online gambling game.

Sufficient CAPITAL

If you are the type of bully, then make sure you have enough Chip capital. A lot of capital equals a greater opportunity to bluff. Even though the card you have is bad, you still have the opportunity to bluff by increasing the bet so that the opponent becomes afraid and FOLD.

However, the possibility of losing is always there, because not all players are bluffing. The second way, if you are not the type of risk taker, you still need enough chip capital to be brought into the table. If your card is bad or you are not sure which card you are holding, please FOLD.

Then you will only be charged a cut for the table blind you choose. But once you get a good card, please CALL or RAISE. There are types of players who FOLD more than follow bets, so he does spend chips as big as the table BLIND but if he wins he will get many times the amount he has spent. Please choose for yourself, which type of player are you?


In addition to capital, you also need good instincts to be able to win the game. Learn the card possibilities you have. If in the distribution of 3 initial cards you get a cue (9) then please continue. If indeed the “gam” of the card is good, for example you have 9-0, 9-1, 9-2, 9-3, you can increase the bet (RAISE), but if the card you receive is a combination of cue cards other than that (9- 4 etc.) then you should wait and see, just CALL if there is a RAISE.


One of the most important factors in all online gambling games is FOCUS. Try to as much as possible reduce things that can interfere with your attention or concentration, such as chatting, watching television, eating, reading articles and other activities. Even if you are a professional player, you will find it difficult to win if you don’t focus on playing. Create a calm and comfortable atmosphere before playing.


It is possible that the first three cards you get are not kyu but still worth fighting for. For example, you get a 4-0, 3-0, 3-2 card, then you might expect the next card to be 4 to get a 97 card combination, or a 5 card to get a 98 card combination.


The card with the greatest chance of appearing is a card totaling 6, which is 4 cards. And the cards with the smallest chances of appearing are 1, 3, and 9, which is as many as 2 cards. While other cards have an average probability of appearing as many as 3 cards. If you hold cards 4-0, 3-0, 3-2, and regardless of the cards your opponent has, there are still 2 cards of 5 remaining. The number of cards left in the deck is (28-3) 25 cards. Then the probability of the appearance of the card totaling 5 = 2: 25.


Like gambling games in general, Domino qiu qiu is also influenced by luck in playing. So don’t push yourself if you feel you’re not hockey. Try to pause for a moment and play again the next day.


To start, try first starting with SMALLEST TABLE. After that try moving to a bigger table. If you are losing in a row, don’t force yourself to keep playing, try to switch tables and bring your luck back. If you still lose at another table, it means that your wind is really not good. Hurry up and stop before your chips are all gone. Try again the next day with the same pattern.


Most players who often win use this tactic. If the card you hold is not good, just FOLD it. All possibilities are there, but don’t force your hockey. You can win in this card you miss, but you are more likely to lose. Be diligent in playing FOLD, then your opponent will be bullied when you RAISE or ALL IN.

But make sure you have a good card of at least 98 to take part in the game, RAISE or ALL IN. By FOLD on bad cards, you will save the number of chips you might waste on your opponent. Make sure you will WIN with only NICE cards. That’s the review that we can convey about TRICKS to Win in the Domino Game, hopefully it can be a useful source of information. /Aha

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