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Xibalba Slot Review (RTP 96.2% | High Volatile) Peter & Sons

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Xibalba Slot Review

Xibalba Slot Review (RTP 96.2% | High Volatile) Peter & Sons

Love playing online slot game? Hm… You should read our Xibalba slot review to give an insight into this game, and also our casino reviews to know exactly where to play it. Perhaps it would be matched your interest. Have you seen the movie The Phantom Menace, where Dug tries to smuggle little Anakin out of the pod-race using devious means? 

Although the names are similar, this game from Peter & Sons has nothing in common with Sebulba or anyone else in the George Lucas universe. 

Best Xibalba Slot Review

Instead, Xibalba is the name of the Mayan underworld, which is ruled by death gods and their servants and loosely translates as ‘land of dread.’ The entrance to Xibalba is reported to be in a cave in Coban, Guatemala, so tread carefully if you ever find yourself in those areas.

In addition, there’s no reason to be concerned if all of this seems a little frightening. Everything has been crafted in Peter & Sons’ typical cartoon style, making the journey to the underworld more adorable than horrifying.

1. Theme and Design

As is typical with Peter & Sons, they’ve taken a common theme and given it their own unique spin. This time, players are treated to a weird take on Central American culture, complete with Peter & Sons’ imprints all over the place. 

The animated characters chilling on either side of the game grid, observing the action, waving their feet after certain wins, and floating in mid-air when the bonus game is active are just a few examples. Even the icons on the game display are colorful; at least, the high payouts are.

Therefore, Xibalba gives us ideas of the Yucatan jungle, where everything appears to be alive, constantly replicating and evolving physiologically, or what some term livin’. Except that in this situation, the players are hosted in the underworld, so we might as well scrap the conceptual journey entirely.

2. Volatility and RTP 

Every spin of Xibalba starts with a 5-reel, 3-row reel set, which grows when winning combinations appear. Players start with 243 possibilities to win, increasing to 7,767 when the grid reaches its maximum size. 

The slot is highly volatile, with a theoretical return to the player value of 96.2% and stakes ranging from ten cents to fifty cents. Read our article about slot volatility if you want to take your game to the next level.

3. Pay Symbols

Starting from the leftmost side of the grid, all paying symbols require at least three of a kind in neighboring reels, regardless of value. An assortment of 5 seemingly unconnected square objects valued 4 to 6 times the stake for a five of a kind is on the low end of the paytable. 

When a line of five symbols lands, you’ll get a payout of 10 to 100 times your wager. Serpents are wild symbols that come on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, and can replace all other symbols save the scatter. There are typical wilds as well as growing wilds.

When these exceptional wilds occur in a win, they are not removed during cascades, and all symbols on top of them are substituted by wilds.

4. Slot Features

Because cascade wins activate extra rows, methods, and win multipliers, Xibalba has an expanding quality to it. 

Cascades with Growing Falls

Once a winning combination is paid, the winning symbols are removed from the board and replaced with new ones. In addition, one extra symbol was added to the reel that was part of the winning combination. 

This process continued until no new winning combinations existed, at which point the reels were reset to their default size. 

Reels can have up to six rows. A progressive win multiplier, starting at x1 and expanding by +1 on each cascade, with no upper limit, is also at work here. During paid spins in the base game, the multiplier resets.


The Gigantor feature is triggered by two scatter symbols on adjoining reels, which appear on reels 2, 3, and 4.  A respin is rewarded, and the adjoining scatter symbols on the reels merge to form 2×2 gigantic symbols. If a fresh scatter appears, all three reels are matched into 3×3 huge symbols, and another respin is rewarded.

Free Spins

The 15 free spins are provided when three scatter symbols appear at the end of a cascade combination. The bonus game in this fun gaming machine has all of the features found in the basic game, with the extra benefit of the win multiplier not resetting between free spins. You’ll gain an extra 15 free spins if 3 scatters appear now.

Final Conclusion

Trust Peter & Sons to take a theme that has been used before and turn it into something intriguing and unique. As usual, it’s easy to tell who made Xibalba, and the entire game has been designed to P&S’ usual excellent standard. 

At the end of this Xibalba slot review, the one-of-a-kind aesthetics are matched by a set of potentially thrilling features, all of which are backed up by huge winning potential. Overall, it’s a difficult game to dislike

If you don’t like the graphical style, avoid anything with the name Peter & Sons on it because that is their specialty. That’s what differentiates an online slot machine from an offline slot machine.

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